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  • The great return

    I worked at the office on Monday and Tuesday this week. I’m a great proponent of working from the office — I’m that kid who always enjoyed visiting his dad and grandad at work, and one day imagined that I would be working in an important office with a nice suit (then I started worked […]

  • How to help prevent burnout

    Burn-out is an all-too-common affliction, leaving people exhausted, cynical, and unable to work. It strikes as a result of chronic stress. People who are highly-engaged but lacking resources such as support or certain skills are at especially high risk. Pandemic lockdowns have done nothing to help the situation. In my experience, people suffering from burn-out are often […]

  • How to get your project back on track

    This article includes tips that I’ve learned from my experience working at and Amazon EC2; all views expressed are my own. Title picture: A train in the Netherlands goes off the tracks, to be saved by decorative whale tail sculpture, much to the surprised relief of the train driver. Courtesty ANP/ Three levers you […]

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Ronen is a software engineering manager with 10+ years professional industry experience, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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